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A “thank you” to school custodians

The Haddonfield School District posted this “thank you” on its Facebook page today:


It is of paramount importance that we take some time to thank the unsung heroes of the last 10 days.

We had a successful opening that enabled us to get our students back in school for the first time in six months. Tim McFerren (Director of Facilities) and his crew along with Lisa Chadwell and the Prichard (custodial) staff worked frantically, efficiently, and effectively to get the schools ready. They had to be problem-solvers, focused and forward-thinking, as they anticipated issues that might arise. They worked long hours and came in on days off to make sure that the buildings were ready. This often back-breaking work made it possible for teachers and students to walk into safe and clean buildings.

We heartily thank Tim and his team of Kenny Lambert, Rick Sparks, William Fisher, Klaus Henkel, Stephen Kocher, Jeff Lee, Matt Soulliard, Rob Wisnewski, Steve Hale, Patrick Mickles, and Merced Valenzuela.

Job well done!


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