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Haddonfield Gas & Filling Stations

List of Gas Stations

In 1957, there were at least 15 gasoline and filling stations in Haddonfield. They are listed below, along with a few that opened and closed before 1957.

Do you know of any others? If so, please reply.

To provide detail about a particular gas or filling station (or auto dealership), please go to the relevant forum.

  1. Andress Service Station - 615 N. Haddon Avenue at Ardmore Avenue (currently: 7-Eleven)
  2. Haddonfield Save-on-Gas – 601 N. Haddon Avenue at Wayne Avenue (currently The Bread Board Plus)
  3. Carl’s Haddonfield Service (Sunoco) (still operating) - 515 N. Haddon Avenue at Wayne Avenue
  4. Warren’s Service (Mobil) - 100 N. Haddon Avenue at Euclid Avenue (currently TD Bank)
  5. Conte’s Atlantic - 90 Tanner Street at Euclid Avenue (currently Lenny, Vermont & Leonard Realtors)
  6. Strong’s Gulf - ??? N. Haddon Avenue at Clement Street (currently an office building)
  7. Faucett’s Garage - ??? S. Haddon Avenue (opposite the Post Office)
  8. Danzinger’s Servicenter - 50 Ellis Street at Walnut Street (currently Bank of America)
  9. Birdwood Esso (Standard Oil) 170 Grove Street (currently Goodwill Donation Center)
  10. Bill’s Service Station (Atlantic) 132 Grove Street (currently Advocare Grove Family Medical Associates)
  11. Shepherd’s Gulf - ??? Grove Street
  12. Sinclair Service (still operating as Grove Auto, a service station) - 75 Grove Street at Glover Avenue 
  13. Fisher’s Service (Gulf) 23 Kings Highway East (adjacent to Grace Church)
  14. Clement’s Esso (Standard Oil) - 9 Kings Highway West at Washington Avenue (currently Haddon Culinary)
  15. Stow’s Atlantic - 17 Kings Highway West at Linden Avenue (currently vacant, most recently Fulton Bank)

Stations prior to 1957 include::

  • John McGirr (Sunoco) - Kings Highway East at Haddon Avenue (currently ???)
  • Makin's Service (Calso) - Kings Highway East at Haddon Avenue (currently ???)
  • Vincent Leitch (Sinclair) Kings Highway East at N. Haddon Avenue (currently vacant, most recently Jay West)

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Haddonfield Auto Dealerships

List of Auto Dealerships

The last three of a number of automobile dealerships that operated in Haddonfield were Haddonfield Chevrolet, McAllen Buick, and Winner's Ford.

Do you know of any prior to that? If so, please reply.

To provide detail about a particular auto dealership (or gas or filling station), please go to the relevant forum.

  1. Haddonfield Chevrolet – 318 N. Haddon Avenue at north corner of Marne Avenue (currently 807 Building)  
  2. McAllen Buick – 715 N. Haddon Avenue at south corner of Marne Avenue (currently Rite Aid)  
  3. Winner's Ford – 444 N. Haddon Avenue between Woodland and Mt. Vernon Avenues (currently shops and Haddonfield Commons)

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