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Announcing: Haddonfield [dot] Today

By David Hunter, Publisher

In case you’ve ever wondered why there’s a dot between the words “Haddonfield” and “Today” on our nameplate – yes, “nameplate,” not “masthead” – here’s the answer:

In 2017, when we changed the name and format of “What’s On Haddonfield” to “Haddonfield Today,” we envisioned that one day there would be be a digital version of our new print publication.

That day has come.

If all goes well, Haddonfield [dot] Today (digital) will go live at about the same time that this issue of Haddonfield Today (print) arrives in your mailbox.[Saturday, March 21, 2020]

Initially, our goal is to enable the Haddonfield community to access – in one digital place – much of the Haddonfield information that currently resides in a variety of digital places. 

In that respect, Haddonfield [dot] Today will function as the paper does. We gather details about coming events from the borough, schools, community groups, congregations, sports teams, and the business community. We synthesize them and publish them in an attractive and user-friendly format that’s mailed townwide every two weeks, and placed at high-traffic locations around the town.

But Haddonfield [dot] Today will provide something the print version does not, and cannot: information about events that were created, or changed in some way, after the print version went to press. So it will be as up-to-date as … today.

In addition, it will carry some Haddonfield news, links to borough, school, and community sites, easy access to documents and forms, and connections to merchants, restaurants, professionals, and office-based businesses.

We hope you will check it out – on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We also hope you will send us details of coming Haddonfield events, so we can publish them not only in print, as we have done for nearly 30 years, but now online, as well.