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All public schools pivot to remote learning

Chuck Klaus, Haddonfield’s superintendent of schools, announced today that all public schools will operate remotely from Monday (December 21). He sent the following message to the school community:

The decision was made earlier today that Haddonfield School District will be moving to full virtual instruction beginning Monday, December 21, through Wednesday, December 23. The decision to include the entire district is based on additional positive cases that were reported this weekend.

This decision was made after consulting with the Camden County Department of Health. Factors included 32 positive cases in the last 14 days and 13 in the past five days, two of which required contact tracing with an unknown source of origin. We are also waiting for test results from roughly 12 students. Keeping the safety and wellness of our students and staff as our top priority, we believe implementing the full virtual model is the optimal way to proceed.

“Principals will provide building-specific schedules.  

“We did all that we could to keep in-person instruction intact; from increased PPE measures to closing only specific classrooms or individual buildings, but the sheer volume of new cases and the knowledge of several pending tests brought us to this challenging decision We believe a district-wide move to a fully virtual model is in the best interest of the health of our students, families and staff.”


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