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Board of Ed launches “Board Bulletin”

From the April 24, 2020 School District Newsletter

In March, members of the Board of Education (BOE) Communications Committee got together to discuss the possibility of creating a new document designed to share information with Haddonfield families and the community at large.

The committee members are: Jaime Grookett (chair), Adam Sangillo (BOE President), Lynn Hoag, and Linda Hochgertel.

Each document will be brief and will be posted the week following each voting meeting of the BOE, once per month. The “Board Meeting Bulletin” will feature information about recent votes and issues as well as upcoming topics of public interest. It is intended to be a more informal, accessible way for the community to learn about Board discussions and decisions as well as why these decisions are made.

The first (March) Board Meeting Bulletin was posted on April 3rd under NEWS on both the district website and on the BOE website. The second (April) will be posted by May 5th.

“We hope to provide the community with a quick and easy way to get a summary of the issues that are currently being discussed at board meetings,” said committee member Lynn Hoag. “Additionally, the bulletin allows us to connect those issues to the district’s strategic plans and goals.”

The district newsletter will continue to be emailed and will provide additional information, school stories, administrative news, and more details about issues and school events.

[Publisher’s Note: Links to School District Newsletters are in the Documents section of Haddonfield[dot]Today.]