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CDC Guidance for Opening Up America Again

Below is the introduction to a document prepared by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that provides guidance on how to safely reopen businesses and institutions. A link to the complete document follows this introduction.

Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework

This implementation guidance provides tools and resources to assist decision makers to implement the Guidelines for Opening Up America Again framework. Guidance is provided to monitor local conditions (transmission, public health, and healthcare system capacity) and adjust mitigation strategies over time to effectively contain outbreaks and minimize negative side effects of more significant restrictions on commerce and education.

It begins with steps that all Americans need to take in every community. From there, it outlines core capacities needed In communities to respond to and manage cases as well as delineates key metrics to monitor community mitigation efforts. All of the guidance is anchored to the phases of the Opening Up America Again framework.

The appendices contain more detailed tools for communities such as indicators to better track and adjust mitigation efforts as well as comprehensive mitigation guidance organized by phase gag by setting. Finally, there are user-friendly decision trees to help leaders make informed decisions about reopening. A companion community leader’s guide to further enable implementation activities accompanies this resource.

Access the 68-page document HERE.