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COVID-19 cases hit 250 — 1 for every 50 residents

The Camden County Department of Health today reported 15 new COVID-19 cases for Haddonfield — five each for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The total number of cases locally now stands at 250, representing 21.56 per 1,000 of population — about 1 case for every 50 residents. (Comparison: Camden County 43.15; New Jersey 42.26.)

The average number of new cases per day for December, so far, is 3.14, surpassing the rate for all of November (2.80 cases per day), and triple the rates for October and September (0.9 and 0.93 respectively).

The deaths of five Haddonfield residents have been attributed to COVID-19. The most recent was reported on September 30.

Cases for male residents outnumber those for females, 136 to 114. In the lower age ranges, the male/female split is about even, but there is a dramatic difference is the 50s: 31 males to 12 females.

The Haddonfield Public Schools have reported 48 cases to date: 40 juveniles and teens and 8 adults. The Middle School accounts for 13 of the cases; the High School for 23.


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