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COVID-19: Presbyterian Church shuttered

A member of the staff of the First Presbyterian Church, admitted to the hospital on Friday, subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. Upon receiving that news, church officials closed the building indefinitely.

“From this point on, the church is off-limits to all,” Associate Pastor Nikki Passante wrote in an email Monday to Church members and friends. “We implore you to refrain from entering the building for any reason. While it is unlikely that surface contaminants will infect you, we don’t want to take that chance. We care too much for you.”

“It’s important that we continue to care for one another by wearing masks and practicing social distancing, along with self-isolating when necessary,” the pastor wrote. “While we may be weary of these sorts of guidelines, the virus is not weary in the least. What is inconvenient for us, is life threatening for others.”


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