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First juvenile case of COVID-19 reported

The Camden County Department of Health reported today that another Haddonfield resident, a female younger than 10, has contracted the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This is the first juvenile case reported for Haddonfield, and it brings the total number of confirmed cases locally to 89, with seven fatalities.

The first teen case in Haddonfield was reported on July 2 — 15 weeks after Haddonfield’s first COVID-19 case. Since July 2, a ten teens have tested positive: 6 males and 4 females. During the same period, only two residents older than 60 have been added to Haddonfield’s tally of cases.

In Camden County, the total number of cases stands at 9,810, with 564 deaths. For New Jersey, 192,290 cases with 14,170 confirmed deaths and an additional 1,780 probable deaths.

The transmission rate — a key metric — rose today to 0.92, up from 0.90 on Monday. (A transmission rate of 1.0 means that, on average, each new case will produce one additional new case. When the transmission rate falls below 1,0, it’s a good sign. When it rises above 1.0, it’s cause for concern.)

Statistics for Haddonfield, Camden County, and New Jersey are updated on Haddonfield[dot]Today each week day.


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