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Guess the Vote contest: We have a winner!

In the October 30 issue of Haddonfield Today, we invited readers to participate in a “2020 Presidential Election Guess the Vote and Win a Chance to Win One Million Dollars!” contest.

Entrants submitted their guesses for the total number of votes they thought would be cast by Haddonfield registered voters for the two main candidates: Biden # + Trump # = Total #.

The number of registered voters for this election, provided to us in advance of the election, was 10,718. (The number on Camden County’s official statement of results, published on November 16, is 10,589.)

Guesses ranged from a low of 6,580 to a high of 10,568. The actual total was Biden 5,725 + Trump 2,421 = 8,146.

The closest entry, without going over — 8,126 — was submitted by Jill Ballard of Haddonfield. Her prize? A New Jersey Lottery “$1,000,000 Riches” ticket and a $100 gift card for Denim BYOB in Haddonfield.

Congratulations, Jill! And thank you to all who participated.


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