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Haddonfield man charged in Capitol seige

A Haddondield resident was arrested on Thursday in connection with the storming of the US Capitol on January 6.

Patrick A. Stedman, 32, was charged with disorderly conduct and illegally entering the Capitol grounds.

The FBI’s affidavit for the case states that the bureau received tips from some of Stedman’s former high school and college classmates. Read it HERE.

The affidavit notes that Stedman posted videos of the storming of the Capitol on his Twitter account, which has more than 25,000 followers, in real time. It notes that some show him in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and that on the afternoon of January 6 he posted on his Twitter account: “I was pretty much in the first wave, and we broke down the doors and climbed up the back part of the Capitol building and got all the way into the chambers.”

During a court hearing in Camden on Thursday, US Magistrate Judge Karen William released Stedman on an unsecured bond.