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Highest single-day COVID-19 report

The Camden County Department of Health reported today that ten Haddonfield residents have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19: two males in their 10s, a male in his 40s, two males in their 50s, and a male in his 70s; a female in her 10s, two females in their 20s, and one female in her 30s.

This brings the total number of cases for Haddonfield to 191, with five fatalities. The increase of ten, from yesterday, is the largest since the first Haddonfield case was reported, on March 20.

The magnitude of the dramatic increase in reported cases since November 12 — 39 in seven days — prompted the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education to issue a joint statement today — HERE — calling on members of the community “to protect our friends, families, and neighbors so that we can all pull through this challenging time.”

Also today, the Haddonfield School District reported one new case: A female in her 310s at the Middle School. (Note: Cases reported by the District typically fall within those reported by the County, though not necessarily on the same date.)

In Camden County, the total number of cases stands at 16,218, with 588 deaths. For New Jersey, 289,562 cases with 14,843 confirmed deaths and an additional 1,812 probable deaths.

Rates per 1,000 of population are: Haddonfield 16.48; Camden County 31.57; New Jersey 32.94.

The transmission rate in New Jersey — a key metric — now stands at 1.43 (up 0.01 from yesterday). This is the highest it has been for some months, and reflects the situation across the country. (A transmission rate of 1.0 means that, on average, each new case will produce one additional new case. When the transmission rate falls below 1.0, it’s a good sign. When it rises above 1.0, it’s cause for concern.)


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