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HMHS teacher to host statewide TV program for students

Starting on Monday, April 6, children throughout New Jersey will be able to tune into NJTV, New Jersey’s public television network, for NJTV Learning Live, a program featuring lessons taught by New Jersey teachers and hosted by Haddonfield’s own Kimberly Dickstein Hughes, the NJ State Teacher of the Year for 2019-20.

The initiative, designed to advance learning during the statewide school closures caused by the COVID19 pandemic, was created through a partnership between NJTV, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) and the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

“This is a great example of how New Jerseyans are coming together, from educators to broadcasters, to help improve student learning throughout the state,” said Education Commissioner Lamont O. Repollet. “This partnership demonstrates the kind of commitment and idealism that epitomizes throughout New Jersey’s school community.”

Each weekday, NJTV Learning Live will offer four programs for grades 3 to 6. Third-grade instruction begins at 9aml fourth-grade programming is at 10am; fifth grade is 11am; and sixth-grade instruction begins at noon.

Subjects will include English language arts, math, science, social studies, and a “special” such as art, music or physical education. Each hour-long segment features a lesson recorded by a teacher from his or her home.

The NJEA is working with the NJDOE to invite teachers to participate in the broadcasts, with the initial outreach attracting more than 200 educators who volunteered to provide instruction.

“Nothing is better than face-to-face instruction given by a teacher in the classroom, but while we are all doing our part to flatten the curve, NJEA members are also looking for every opportunity to help students keep learning,” said NJEA President Marie Blistan. “These lessons will provide valuable enrichment and supplement what students are already getting from their own teachers. They will also showcase the amazing work that our educators continue to do every day, even in the middle of a pandemic.”

The NJDOE reviews and selects the teachers, and NJTV will provide its services to produce and broadcast the programs (locate your local channel on NJTV’s “Where to Watch” webpage).

“At this most unique time in our state’s and our country’s history, public media is poised to help more than ever before,” said NJTV General Manager John Servidio. “NJTV Learning Live perfectly aligns with NJTV’s mission to serve our community, and only our unique broadcast reach, which reaches into all 21 counties of the state, makes this possible. We can extend lessons from teachers’ homes to students across the Garden State.”

Kimberly Dickstein Hughes will serve as host and provide the intro and outro to each segment.

“I am truly inspired by collaborating with such extraordinary educators, who are not only meeting the needs of their own their students and families, but are going above and beyond to reach all students during this unprecedented time for our schools,” said Kimberly, who will go by the name “Miss D” on the program.

NJTV Learning Live is scheduled to run until May and can continue into mid-June if needed. The on-air classroom lessons will be livestreamed and archived on the network’s website,