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Local, regional COVID-19 cases climb

The Camden County Department of Health reported today that seven Haddonfield residents have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This is the largest single-day number since the first Haddonfield case was reported on March 20.

Of the 19 cases reported for Haddonfield so far in November, 18 were reported this week (Sunday 8 thru Friday 13). November’s numbers are on pace to eclipse easily those for September and October (28 each).

Today, the County added four males in their 10s (2), 30s, and 40s; and three females in their 10s, 20s, and 40s. Yesterday, the County added two males (10s, 50s) and two females (10s, 40s). The next report will be issued on Monday.

The Haddonfield School District today advised parents, guardians, and staff that it received notification from the Camden County Department of Health of four new cases: a female in her 40s at the Middle School and three females in their 10s at the High School.

In Camden County, the total number of cases stands at 15,004, with 588 deaths. For New Jersey, 270,383 cases with 14,721 confirmed deaths and an additional 1,801 probable deaths.

Rates per 1,000 of population are: Haddonfield 14.06; Camden County 29.21; New Jersey 30.75.

The transmission rate in New Jersey — a key metric — now stands at 1.32. (A transmission rate of 1.0 means that, on average, each new case will produce one additional new case. When the transmission rate falls below 1.0, it’s a good sign. When it rises above 1.0, it’s cause for concern.)

Statistics for Haddonfield, Camden County, and New Jersey are updated on Haddonfield[dot]Today most weekdays.

In commenting on today’s report, Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. said, “We have to respond to this crisis immediately. In the last four days, we have had more new cases than we had throughout the entire month of September. The one thing we need more than any other public health measure right now is universal mask wearing. This minor inconvenience can literally be the difference between life and death for countless Americans. I know it is hard to accept that we are seemingly sliding backwards and not progressing out of this crisis, but we can make this period less painful by taking every precaution to protect others. Wear a mask, social distance, do not attend indoor gatherings, and work with contact tracers when they call.”


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