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Schools report three new COVID-19 cases

The Haddonfield School District today sent notices to parents, guardians, and employees, notifying them that there are three new cases of COVID-19 in Haddonfield’s public schools: a female in her 30s at Elizabeth Haddon Elementary; a male in his 10s at the High School; and a female in her 10s at the Middle School.

These new reports bring to 10 the total number of COVID-19-positive cases reported to the Haddonfield School District by county departments of health.

Previously reported were:

  • September 22 — Male juvenile at Central Elementary
  • October 2 — Male 10s at the Middle School
  • October 9 — Female 10s at the High School
  • October 23 — Male juvenile at Tatem Elementary
  • November 2 — Female 20s at Haddon Elementary (Gloucester County resident, presumed positive)
  • November 7 — Female 20s at Haddon Elementary
  • November 8 — Female 10s at the High School

These reports do not necessarily track day-by-day and case-by-case with reports from the Camden County Department of Health (as posted most weekdays on Haddonfield[dot]Today). For example, the school district may have reported a case a day or so after the county did. Also, when a person is identified by the county as “Male 10s,” for example, that does not necessarily mean that the person is a student in the Haddonfield public schools, or even a student. He could be a 19-year-old graduate.

Today, the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania’s PolicyLab recommended “that in areas with rapidly accelerating transmission rates (such as the Philadelphia region) schools, or families voluntarily, revert students to online learning beginning Nov. 16 until 7-10 days after Thanksgiving. This move to virtual learning should be prioritized for students in middle and high school.” 

The recommendation continued: “It is likely that in the coming weeks, transmission in schools and around school-related activities will contribute to increasing community spread during the height of this crisis.”

Read the full post HERE.


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