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A new provider for school child care

Believing that it is a “best practice” for any organization to look at the changing landscape of offerings and evaluate service providers on a regular basis, the Board of Education to decided some months ago to explore options for before- and after-school child care programs in Haddonfield.

This is not something, it is believed, that has ever been undertaken with respect to Haddonfield’s child care program. The board saw it as a necessary step in offering the best options for students, families, and taxpayers.

Child care providers (including Haddonfield Child Care, the current provider) were invited to present proposals for the board to review. Seven companies submitted proposals and were interviewed on March 11 by a committee of three board members, four principals (elementary and middle), assistant superintendent Chuck Klaus, board secretary Mike Catalano, technology director John Miller, and superintendent Larry Mussoline. 

After narrowing the field to two providers, members of the committee conducted reference checks. (Site visits were not possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

During the board meeting on April 23, Chuck Klaus reviewed the selection process and recommended that the board contract with AlphaBEST Education Inc, a North Carolina-based company serving 45 districts (415 schools) in 13 states. New Jersey districts served include Hopatcong, Millburn, Mount Olive, Stanhope, and Warren.

During its meeting on April 30, the board voted to approve the proposed contract with AlphaBEST, effective July 1, 2020.