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Four more residents test positive

One female in her 40s and one in her 90s were added on May 15 to the tally of Haddonfield residents identified as COVID-19-positive. A female in her 20s and a male in his 40s were added on May 16.

Those additions bring the local total to 40: 17 male, 14 female, and 9 unknown. (Eight of the nine unknown were added by Camden County on May 13, as the result of a reconciliation of county numbers with state numbers.) The gender and age breakdown is as follows:

  • 20s — 3 male, 3 female
  • 30s — 2 male, 4 female
  • 40s — 6 male, 3 female
  • 50s — 5 male
  • 60s — 1 male, 1 female
  • 80s — 2 female
  • 90s — 1 female
  • Not known = 9

Commenting on the current status of the pandemic in Camden County, Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr said, on May 17:

“Every day that this pandemic continues is an opportunity to strengthen our resolve and implement effective mitigation strategies into our daily lives. We have not yet won this war. While I know that the large majority of Camden County residents have been extremely vigilant during this crisis, I want to again implore our entire community to take this fight seriously. We must all continue to exercise stringent social distancing if we are going to defeat this virus, and as more of our economy reopens, the onus will be on each of us to safely choose when we should be around others and how to protect ourselves those nearby. This is still a real threat, but we can recover if we continue to fight with the tools at our disposal.”