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Citizen of the Year to be named on Tuesday night

The name of Haddonfield’s Citizen of the Year for 2021 will be announced during a special meeting hosted by the Lions Club on Tuesday, January 26, starting at 7:30pm.

Normally, the announcement is made during the Mayor’s Breakfast, held annually on a Saturday in January at the Presbyterian Church. Because of the pandemic, this year’s gathering was canceled.

Join Zoom meeting HERE.

  • Meeting ID: 872 4023 2408
  • Passcode: 707977
  • Dial in 1 646 558 8656
  • Meeting ID: 872 4023 2408
  • Passcode: 707977
  • Help Desk – Al Schmidt (609) 471-8298

Obituary: Mayor William W. Reynolds Jr

On January. 4, 2021, age 81 of The Evergreens in Moorestown, formerly a longtime Haddonfield resident, husband of the late Mollie (nee Hartman); Beloved father of William W. III (Rena) of Fort Myers, Florida, James M. (Joy) of Collingswood NJ and Rebecca Reynolds of Highland Park NJ; Loving grandfather of Isaac, Henry, Graham and Emilia; Dear brother of Ned and Jack (Monique) Reynolds.

Above all, Bill was a man deeply committed to his family and his community. Son of a longtime superintendent of Haddonfield’s public schools, he graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School in 1957 and Lafayette College in 1961. He went on to earn a Masters from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing his studies and working as an administrative assistant dean at the Graduate School of Education at Penn, he became the principal of the Bancroft School in Haddonfield. During that time, he was elected to the Haddonfield Borough Commission and served as mayor from 1973 to 1977 – a victory which he attributed to people confusing him with his father (with whom he shared the same name). He unsuccessfully ran for county freeholder in 1978, at which point his political career ended after his wife told him that he could keep an elected office or her, but not both. He made the right choice. 

Bill went on to found Reynolds and Schaffer Associates, a consulting firm that provided marketing, fundraising and strategic planning services to nonprofit corporations. In 1997, he left the consulting business and became the founding director of the Center for Management and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers University School of Business in Camden where he served until his retirement in 2010. In 2006/7 he was asked to serve as interim dean of the Rutgers Camden School of Business while the university searched for a permanent successor.

Outside of work and politics, Bill served the Haddonfield community and greater South Jersey in myriad ways. He was a lifelong Rotarian and taught the men’s bible class at Haddonfield United Methodist Church for more than 20 years. He spent 43 years on the board of the Haddonfield Public Library, 28 years as president. In 1983 he and a few other like-minded citizens founded the Haddonfield Foundation, and he served as its president from 1983 until 2003 and as a board member until 2010.  For many years he served as the moderator of the annual Town Meeting hosted by the Haddonfield Civic Association. Bill also served significant stints on the boards of the Camden County YMCA, Respond, Inc., the Evergreens retirement community in Moorestown and, more recently, on the national board of ACTS Retirement Life Communities.

A gentle and patient father, he was never short on advice when asked, but never imposed his opinion (or will) on his children, even in their most wayward moments. As his kids grew into adults, he and Mollie liked nothing better than staying up late over drinks to hear of their latest adventures and exploits, perhaps learning more than they wished but accepting all news with grace and equanimity.

When Bill retired in 2010, it was to care for his beloved wife, Mollie, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It was in this period of his life that his commitment to service became most manifest, as he lovingly tended to Mollie’s needs through her death in 2019. Affectionately known by his grandchildren as “Granther”, he was perhaps happiest watching his grandchildren on the baseball diamond, the soccer field, the basketball court and the dance stage.  He was also an avid fisherman who stalked the beaches of New Jersey, most often in the company of his close friend and first cousin, George Trotman.

Due to Covid, Bill’s Services are tentatively planned for April 2021, please check for information updates. Interment, private. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in honor of Bill may be made to The Haddonfield Foundation, PO Box 555, Haddonfield NJ 08033 (

Arrangements by Kain-Murphy Funeral Services of Haddonfield NJ. 856-429-1945

Bill Reynolds, former mayor, dies at age 81

William W. Reynolds Jr, who served as the mayor of Haddonfield from 1973 to 1977 (and as the commissioner for public works, parks, and property), died on January 4, 2021. He was 81.

In recent years he was resident of Acts Retirement Community in Moorestown (formerly The Evergreens, for which he served as a board member for many years).

Bill Reynolds was born in Haddonfield — literally — in the family home. His father, known as “Bull” Reynolds, was in turn a teacher, the principal of the high school, and the superintendent of the school district.

In addition to serving as an elected official, Bill Reynolds was a member of the Public Library’s board of trustees for 43 years (28 of them as president) and a charter member of The Haddonfield Foundation (25 years as president).

A longtime member of the Rotary Club, he was honored with life membership in 2019.

He was named Haddonfield Citizen of the Year for 1998.

A funeral notice will be published here, when available.

January 6 Update: The date of death was corrected, to January 4, 2021.

January 6 Update: The obituary is here..

CER postpones classes

Haddonfield Community Education & Recreation (formerly, the Haddonfield Adult School) announced today that it has suspended operations.

In a message to teachers and students, the CER board wrote:

“Thank you for the dedication, flexibility and creativity you’ve shown during this unprecedented time of remote learning. After much consideration, the Haddonfield CER board has made the difficult decision to postpone all classes. The cost was too high, the enrollment too low and the future too uncertain. We are optimistic as we look ahead to the time when we are learning together again.”

Guess the Vote contest: We have a winner!

In the October 30 issue of Haddonfield Today, we invited readers to participate in a “2020 Presidential Election Guess the Vote and Win a Chance to Win One Million Dollars!” contest.

Entrants submitted their guesses for the total number of votes they thought would be cast by Haddonfield registered voters for the two main candidates: Biden # + Trump # = Total #.

The number of registered voters for this election, provided to us in advance of the election, was 10,718. (The number on Camden County’s official statement of results, published on November 16, is 10,589.)

Guesses ranged from a low of 6,580 to a high of 10,568. The actual total was Biden 5,725 + Trump 2,421 = 8,146.

The closest entry, without going over — 8,126 — was submitted by Jill Ballard of Haddonfield. Her prize? A New Jersey Lottery “$1,000,000 Riches” ticket and a $100 gift card for Denim BYOB in Haddonfield.

Congratulations, Jill! And thank you to all who participated.

Election results for Haddonfield

The Camden County Board of Elections has posted final tallies for the November 3 general election.

2020 registered voters = 10,589 — Comparison: 2016 = 9,778 (8.29% increase)

2020 ballots cast = 8,380 (79.14% of registered) — Comparison: 2016 = 7,099 (72.60%)


  • Trump = 2,421
  • Biden = 5,725
  • La Riva = 3
  • Jorgensen = 74
  • Blankenship = 8
  • Hammons = 7
  • De La Fuente = 5
  • Hawkins = 24

Board of Education (uncontested – 3 candidates for 3 seats)

  • Vecchio = 5,755
  • Hoag = 5,754
  • Paoli = 5,799

State Question 1 (Legalize marijuana)

  • Yes = 5,429
  • No = 1,864

State Question 2 (Property tax deduction for veterans))

  • Yes = 5,340
  • No = 1,811

State Question 3 (Redistricting schedule for census)

  • Yes = 4,593
  • No = 2,395

Fundraiser for former fire chief, crossing guard

A fundraiser to benefit Haddonfield resident George Cox and his family will be held at King’s Road Brewing Company on Monday, November 9 from 4 to 10pm.

George was seriously injured when he fell from a ladder on July 4. His family is now struggling to cover medical and other costs associated with his rehabilitation.

George Cox served as Haddonfield’s fire chief for many years. In retirement, he worked as a crossing guard outside the Central and Middle schools, and would have resumed his post in September, but for the accident. An armed forces veteran, George is a member of the American Legion Post 38. He is also a long-time member of the Rotary Club and the Celebrations Association. His service to our community was recognized in 2017, when he was named Haddonfield’s Citizen of the Year.

For safety and social-distancing reasons, the fundraiser will take place in three shifts:

  • 4 to 5:45pm
  • 6 to 7:45pm
  • 8 to 9:45pm

Seating at King’s Road Brewery will be available both inside and outside. A to-go option is also available.

Tickets, at $40 ($75 per couple), will include one drink ticket, food donated by Denim BYOB, and dessert. To purchase tickets, go HERE.

Those unable to attend may donate online, HERE.

Photo: George Cox (second from left) with his Citizen of the Year 2017 plaque. Also pictured: Bob Stokes (Lions president); Mayor Jeff Kasko; Mayor’s Breakfast master of ceremonies and former mayor, Jack Tarditi.

Guess the vote … and win!

If at first you don’t succeed … guess again.

By David Hunter, Publisher

In the mid-1980s, my wife and I volunteered to run a booth at the Tatem School Fair. We called it “Guess Again!” and it was based on my memory of fairs at my elementary school – fêtes, we called them – thirty-odd years before. 

A parent would put a piece of string in a glass jar, tighten the lid, and stroll around the school grounds offering a big prize to anyone who guessed the length of the string. My friends and I lined up to pay our money and guess. If we failed, we went to the end of the line to try again. And again. When we decided we’d spent enough on that losing proposition, we moved on, to the parent with a glass jar filled with beans. 

I don’t remember who won any of the big prizes – if, in fact, anybody did – but I do remember that it was a lot of fun. And I remember being impressed by how confident my friends and I were that we would win on our next guess, despite repeated failures.  

In preparing for “Guess Again!” 

at the Tatem Fair, my wife and I saved 

up empty juice bottles for months, and entreated our neighbors to do the same. By the day of the fair we had about 50 bottles filled with loose candy, marbles, sticks of gum, barrettes, toy soldiers, plastic dinosaurs, and the like. 

Kids stood in line to pony up a quarter for three guesses. At each incorrect guess, we would say, encouragingly, “Good try! Guess again!” And, with supreme confidence, the children would – until they ran out of money. 

Occasionally, a contestant would hit the number. Everyone would 

cheer and we’d make a big fuss. We’d write the winner’s name on a card and staple it to the backboard for all the world to see. By the end of the day all of the prizes had been won, and “Guess Again!” had made a lot of money for the fair.

The experience of running “Guess Again!” and of being a contestant at my own school’s fêtes gave me insight into the addictive nature of games of skill and chance. Who among us does not believe, with a lucky penny poised over a brand new scratch-off, that we have a winning ticket? (After all, “Someone’s got to win.”) And who among us, even though our most recent ticket was a “non-winner,” is not willing to try again? 

Which brings us to The Election. 

To help cut the tension a bit, we’re inviting readers to participate in our “2020 Presidential Election Guess the Vote and Win a Chance to Win One Million Dollars!” contest. Simply guess the total number of votes that will be cast by Haddonfield registered voters for the two main candidates:

• Biden = ? • Trump = ? • Total (Biden + Trump) = ?

For this election, Haddonfield has 10,718 registered voters. 

Entering is easy, and free. Go HERE.

The big prize? A New Jersey Lottery “$1,000,000 Riches” ticket. But since your chance of winning a million is about one in a bazillion, we’ll add a $100 gift card to Denim BYOB, in Downtown Haddonfield.

Deadline: Tuesday, November 3, at 8pm. (Sorry, but you don’t get to guess again.)


RECENT HISTORY: For the 2016 Presidential Election, Haddonfield’s official numbers were: 

• Clinton = 4,458 • Trump = 2,170 • Total (Clinton + Trump) = 6,628. (9,778 registered voters.)

Fine Print: One entry per person age 18 or older. The winner will be the entrant who guesses the closest to the Total, without going over. The tie-breaker will be the number of votes (closest, without going over) for the winning candidate and then, if necessary, the losing candidate. The numbers used to determine the winner will be those posted on the Camden County website, after the dust settles, under “Precinct Canvass By District.”

A prehistoric twist on Halloween

A number of Haddonfield businesses and community organizations are working together to provide local residents and downtown shoppers with a new twist on Halloween, and a fun and safe way to enjoy the holiday.

It’s “Haddyween” and it will offer a variety of activities and events from Saturday, October 10 thru Sunday, November 1. Many will incorporate not only traditional Halloween imagery but also the town’s beloved Hadrosaurus foulkii sculpture, “Haddy.”

Haddyween will kick off on Saturday (October 10) at the Farmers Market, where Haddonfield residents will be able to pick up supplies for making scarecrows. During the following week, members of the Markeim Arts Center will set up scarecrow displays throughout the town, with a goal of having all displays in place by Friday, October 16.

Haddonfield Today will sponsor a window display contest for Haddonfield businesses, from Friday, October 16 thru Sunday, November 1. Downtown shoppers will be able to vote for their favorite Haddyween window display, and one lucky shopper will win a Trick-or-Treat bag of gift cards contributed by participating businesses. The business that gets the most votes will win free advertising in Haddonfield Today.

Two Halloween-themed scavenger hunts are under way, one sponsored by the Historical Society and the other by the Allison Nagle Team of RE/MAX One Realty. Information and materials will available at the Farmers Market on Saturday, October 10, 9am to 12n. Note: This will be the last day of the Farmers Market’s 2020 season.

Toys and Books: Happy HippoToys will have a wide variety of dinosaur-themed toys on display and available for purchase. (Stay tuned for news of an appearance by a friendly dinosaur on the corner of Kings Highway East and Haddon Avenue.) Also, visit Inkwood Books for dinosaur and Halloween-themed reading fun.

DiBartolo’s new European-style patisserie – opening soon right in the center of the downtown — will be baking up something special for Haddyween.

Special photo opportunities for families will be available at the Haddy sculpture throughout the period of the promotion. On October 31, the sculptor himself will be in attendance. From 11am, John Giannotti will share personal stories about the creation of the bronze sculpture.

King’s Road Brewery will feature a Haddy-themed beer for the occasion. “Hadrosaur Hop Giant” will be released on Saturday, October 31. After the sun goes down, King’s Road will screen Jurassic Park on the wall of their outdoor beer garden (weather permitting).

Haunted Haddonfield Tours: A local authority on haunting and the haunted will lead the Historical Society’s Haunted Haddonfield Tours this October. Bill Meehan will conduct tours on Fridays, October 16, 23, and 30 and Saturdays, October 17, 24, and 31. A rain date is planned for Sunday, November 1. Tickets are $15 ( $10 for children 12 and under). Proceeds benefit both the Historical Society and the Public Library. Tickets must be purchased online, HERE.  

Learn more about Haddyween and other fun events at Open South Jersey.

Ambulance Association launches fund drive

The Haddonfield Ambulance Association has served our community, around the clock, for 82 years.

Staffed by two NJ state-certified emergency medical technicians. the Ambulance responded to more than 1,000 calls in 2019 – an average of three a day.

The Association launched its Annual Fund Drive recently, seeking financial support from the community to help pay for medical supplies, training, equipment, and, when required, the purchase of a new vehicle.

Donations are tax-deductible, and may be mailed to Haddonfield Ambulance Association, 15 N. Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield NJ 08033. An online option is available, via PayPal, at